A Beginner's Guide To Realtor Websites

As people begin to use the internet to complete various life tasks, it is no wonder that businesses are spending more time using sites to leverage their services in their particular industries and this is particularly true in reality.  While finding a real estate agent required the yellow pages or community boards in previous years, all one needs now is a good internet connection to locate reliable realtors.  Of course, this does not always mean the realtor is an effective professional in the market.  This article will point out some of the top mistakes realtors make pointing out the "dodgy" from the "decent."


A Lack Of Contact Information


This is arguably the worst mistake any real estate agent can make.  While the majority of real estate agents will provide their contact information online, there are those that do not leave the contact area empty.  In the worst case scenario, the contact information may be on the website but difficult to locate or access.


While it is possible to create websites independently, many companies spend vast amounts of money on professional websites that appear beautifully designed.  Unfortunately, not all website designers are highly skilled, and it is possible that contact information may be ignored.  If you choose to use a website designer, it is highly recommended that you review all the information before setting the page live.  Realtors need to have contact information online to get leads.


A Poor Set Of Photographs


The saying goes that a picture is worth one thousand words and this is true when it comes to real estate agencies regarding both the individual and the home.  A professional and attractive image will add high value to the website, but a poor set of photographs will lose potential clients.  When dealing with the personal face image, it is recommended that you hire a professional photographer to take these images.  As a client, if the image is poor or non-existent, then the site may not be worth perusing.


Regarding the photographs of a house, it is always best to post a listing with several images as this will prompt a person's interest.  Ideally, the images should be taken during the day with good light, and there should be one image of each room.  Take the photographs as if you were taking them for yourself.  After all, promoting a home is building a reputation for yourself as a professional realtor.


Confusing Website Navigation


One of the most important search engine optimization features for a website is effective web site navigation.  The majority of real estate agents tend to emphasize the important topics on their web page, such as buying and selling and choose to include it in the primary navigation bar.  Unfortunately, this can be problematic as it can appear as crowded making all items seem unimportant.


As a real estate agent, it is recommended that you consider perusing the page as a potential client and decide which would be the most important for you.  This will help reduce the items, eliminate confusion and frustration, and promote the most significant features of the individual. 


As a potential client, do not spend too much time on a website with too much information on the navigation bar.  These individuals are unsure of what to share and are trying to make the site seem too important.